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Heroes Ep 4...Confusing the Shark Edition

I finally got around to watching the newest episode of Heroes, and I have to say I was more interested in it than I have been in a while, but it still a lot of convoluted back and forth. No straight path to the narrative. And I don't know why that continues to be the path that they travel more often than not.

I understand the TV season is long, and there are many weeks that the gap between where we are, and how we got there needs lots of filling, but I can't think of a show that consistantly provides this many more questions than answers, and how the plot gets continually twisted to the point of it turning blue in the face.

If you haven't watched the episode, don't keep reading.

With so many leaps in logic, and so many of the characters gettins pushed, pulled and prodded to the point of dissolving what we once thought them to be is becoming womewhat unbearable. Sylar goes from being the bogeyman, to being a happy dad who for some odd reason is showering praise on Mr Muggles...HUH?

Peter is the new Sylar, and Claire killed "future Peter", even though Peter has the same 'not gonna die' powers as Claire. He proved his ability after he saved Claire in season 1, and has since healed himself just like her after that. So how did he get a huge scar across his future face? Especially when you consider that heals JUST LIKE FUCKING CLAIRE.

Why is the future always the main cog? For all intents and purposes, if they could continue to change the future, and travel back and forth, then saving the world would always happen, as well as at some point, ending the world. There would always be 5 Peters (not in the porn way) flipping around time...So wouldn't that be the retarded result of the convoluted 'future self' leading the way for 'present self' so that 'past self' doesn't lose its way? If that didn't make sense, good. You now get the show...Much of it makes no sense.

Even though Claire can't die, she got back with Peter awfully fast, and had him tied down, inflicting pain on him right after Sylar exploded...So where is Sylar. He can't die either...AND Daphne 'wasn't fast enough'....That seemed like an overly created dramatic moment that was out of place. Parkman seems to be the most useless "Heroe" of them all at this point. Now he is in Africa, and he will follow his 'totem', a fuckin turtle, to lead him. Very fitting. He really has no reason to be in the show.

If there was an underground war between the 'born' and the 'made', wouldn't Parkman be the most likely candidate to be one of the early victims to almost any other of the heroes?

Then we have Mohinder, and the super English speaking Mia...Amazing how quickly she lost that accent of hers...And future Mohinder crawls fast? At least they didn't make him look like Brundel-Fly all the way...So I guess that's a bonus. No? And if Peter is the time traveller super man, why wouldn't Mohinder just have told him that he injected himself with a broken formula, and where/when he did that injecting? Wouldn't that have at least helped to save Mohinder from his all together creepy future self?

And now we know that Heroes is racist...It HAD to be a black guy killing a little white kid...;)

I'm not a big comic guy, and only know this because after I saw Iron Man I was checking out stuff on the Avengers and Marvel heroes in general. But it seems more and more that the Heroes, and the underground war is being ripped from the war between the super heroes who fought for and against the powers registration act...No? It doesn't seem to be ver original, aside from the all powerful formula that somehow became available en masse, and has stock brokers flying like the last son of Krypton.

Seriously though, with all the nonsense, and all the retardedness, and insanity I am still driven to watch. I think I'm watching for the wrong reasons though...Just like "The Two Coreys" this is turning into a trainwreck, and hey, who doesn't love to see a trainwreck? At least this trainwreck is amusing though, even if it creates more stupid questions and asshole "future versions" of characters...I can't see them being able to carry on like this though for a lot longer. At some point exposition will need to give way to explanation, and the quandry these 'new' characters find themselves in will be forced to give us an answer.

Even if that answer isn't the one we want, or that solves the mystery. It's funny, but the Mohinder quote in his journal entry seems to wrap up what this season of Heroes has been, and is leading to..."The formula is transforming me, and I fear, I fear what I'm becoming".
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