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Here comes a new challenger! - BLOODY ROAR

Over the past few years there has been a lull in the amount of new fighting games released and the genre has been relegated to the back end of game store shelves where people rarely go, but thankfully we are starting to see the genre make a comeback with games like Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters 12, Blue Blaze and so on.
(Did I mention I love fighting games, fap fap fap)

So with what looks like our beloved genre returning to its former glory I thought I’d take a look back at some of the fighting games that hold a fond place in my memories, some for their balance and potential to be Tourney class games, others for being weird as shit and great fun, and maybe a few for being just straight up god awful. I might make this a reoccurring series, or it could be a one-off, just depends on if people like it and if I can be bothered, so bear with me :)

So without further ado..............................................

Here comes a new challenger! - BLOODY ROAR

Now THIS guy will fuck your shit up sideways.

Why you should play this game: Because it’s just plain balls-out crazy, if Cliff Blezinski played this game he would call it bigger, better and more badass (I wonder if he upsizes his McDonalds meals that way?). Its fun to experiment with all of the different fighters’ styles and beast modes and although I don’t know if it’s balanced or deep enough to be worthy of tournament-class fighting or not, it is definitely worth playing for going a few rounds with friends on the couch….. or maybe online? Hudson, how’s about putting Bloody Roar 2 or 3 on XBLA plz?

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