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Too much shit to preorder!!!

QUICK NOTE: To anybody who read my previous entry about my Xbox locking up, my hunch was right and it was entirely the fault of Xbox Live. The problem worked itself out the next day and I now have a spare power cord because the tech guy I talked to was an idiot.

Tis that time of year friends.
That magical time of the year where every goddamned game comes out at the same time and you have to choose between getting the hottest new game titles or eating. I'm sure we all know that Persona 4 won't be around in March, but ramen noodles will, so the choice is easy.

What games do YOU have preordered right now? Make a list of everything youv'e got preordered!
Here's my list.

1.) Fable II - I got the special edition here, then again, they've dropped so much shit that this isn't really much of a special edition anymore is it? I'm half tempted to cancel this bitch. But hey, it has an extra DVD with it.


3.) Persona 4 - AND the special Social Link Pack!

4.) Eternal Poison - I dont' know much about the game, but it comes with an art book and it's an Atlus game. I feel pretty obligated.

5.) Gears of War 2 - Yes. I Amazoned this to get the lancer. I am a whore.

6.) Chrono Trigger - I still think $40 is too steep for DS games, but I'd pay double that for Chrono Trigger. Oh wait, I already did back when it first released for the SNES. Fuck it, back to me being a whore.

Can you tell I like preorder bonuses? That's the only time I'll preorder anything, when I get extras. Otherwise I'll just head to another store to grab it!
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