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The greatest LEGO creation ever: L4D

Yeah, that's right. Epicness has struck last week and has left a profound impact on my mind. It is simply one of the most amazing things you will ever see, ever. More amazing then a puppy and duckling getting along. Sorry, but this is true. Now...L4D in LEGOvision.

Welcome to WIN. Population, four. Meet some of your neighbors...

These fellas are more of the friendly bunch. The others...not so much.

Even Indy likes getting in on the action in this bustling city. But don't worry, most everything is definitely under control...well mostly...somewhat...if you are the undead.

Cause here in the LEGOland of the dead...

You are vastly outnumbered...

Simply amazing! This was at the Seattle Center during the BrickCon 2008. If this doesn't have you wowed, you must not be among the living.

Courtesy of the Left 4 Dead blog. They also has full-sized images.
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