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Return of the Low-Tech Helmet: Constructed and ready for Charity Rock


Okay so here's the story. Next Wednesday i am going to a "rock" concert at my School which is for the Claire House Charity which helps Children with Cancer etc. Now i also won't be at home for Halloween since I'll be on Holiday. So being inspired by Bunnyrabbit2's Low Tech Helmet worn at the Download Festival, i went on a journey of self discovery and rapescapade (Suggested by The Young Scot) and created my very own low tech helmet to celebrate Halloween early. As you can see the tools consist of: A Vittel Carboard Box (No Strongbow here, this is a school concert), A red felt tip pen, A Byro, A Broken Ruler, A Big Pair of Scissors and A Roll of Sellotape. Not seen here are the unexpected tools i had to use later, them being a Sharpie and A Smaller Pair of Scissors.

The first thing was to cut this bugger in half. This was easy enough. I measured the square end which was 23cm and then drew a line down 23cm from the square end, which was then cut until it looked like what you see above you.

So now i had two separate pieces and the back end showing so it only made sense to put these two together. Now Sellotape can be a bitch if it's not one the holders you can buy for them. Nevertheless i got it all stuck together with my "excellent" sticking skills until it looked like this.

So now the box was ready, now it needed the details. First the Breathing Slits were cut and then the eyes were drawn and cut. I wanted the eyes to be fully red but since i was drawing over Sellotape, that didn't work amazingly. Finally i added the little ridge until i had it nearly finished.

Now i just added the bolts on the sides using spare pieces of cardboard. I also stuck them on with the brown side facing out so that the bolts stood out from the rest of the low-tech helmet.

And there we have it, all done. Well, nearly. More inspiration from the first low-tech helmet will lead me to writing comments on the sides of the helmet, obviously safe ones since i will be in a School. So while it will have to be Who is Jim Sterling? Instead of Who the fuck, it will still hopefully feature some comments. Tune back next Thursday to see how the low-tech helmet rocks this "Rock" Concert.
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