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'The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match' logo and details surface.


After the positive response of KOF Ultimate Match '98. SNK will be showing off KOF Unlimited Match '02 at TGS.

Here's a interview from Fighter's Frontline, translated by Iggy from MMCafe:

K is Mr. Kukino (The Producer of KOFXII), NG is NG Hakase (producer of KOF 02UM), and Y is the green Yusa (Your guess is as good as mine)

- So far, it’s on PS2. No other machine/arcade?
NG: Not for the moment, but it will depends on the answer of the public. My priority here is to make a polished game.
Y: The home version is our priority. We won’t work on any other version until the PS2 version is released.

- How far is it?
NG: Around 65% done. It is playable, and it will be at the TGS.

High resolution like 94RE ?
NG: We thought about it, but no.
Y: We listened to the reactions to 94RE, and most of them was rather negative. That’s why we are doing KOF XII now: 94RE tought them that we had to create our high definition sprites from the start instead of basing them on existing old sprites.

The original 02 is still the most popular game of the series in Japan, and it is still played regularly. How did you try to create a game better than the original?
NG: Each player has his own opinion. We listen to all of them, what we should keep, what we should change or fix, and chose exactly what to do to not destroy the original game. That was our first thought when thinking of new stuff to add.

KOF98UM added several new moves. Will you add some as well? Will you add some moves from 98UM in 02UM?
NG: There will be much more new moves in 02UM than in 98UM.

Will you choose all the characters from 99 to 02, or go back from 94 ?
NG: 02UM will use the Nests chapter as a base, so we chose the characters from 99 to 02.

What about the characters from non KOF games, like in SvC Chaos?
NG: It’s difficult to answer. It’s still a secret… You may be surprised by some of our choices.
Y: … is there hope?
NG: Well… I can’t be more precise before the TGS(w).

If we can use bosses in versus, do you think you will make modify them?
NG: If we do that, of course we will. But if we do, we have to make sure the boss will still have his boss status, and still feel like a boss. We will change them so they can be used, and change not only their move properties, but even their parameters.
Either way, it’s a home version, so you can imagine already (w)

The character from the Eolith era (K9999, Angel, etc) were erased from the Nowave port on Xbox. What about this time?
NG: Well, I see many people wondering about this on the net. I can’t answer now, but at least, what I can say is: the game will have a Neogeo mode like 98UM did, and they will at least be there for sure.

New stages? Returning stages or BGM?
NG: We won’t add new stage as much as creating new stages and BGM from scratch. There won’t be BGM or stages from the past game (s?). Some of the BGM will be arrange versions from famous old BGM.
Y: The strongest point in 02 is its balance. This UM will be built around this, and change the rest. 02 was created in a very difficult time for us, and there are several points that need to be redone.
By the way, Nowave used 02 as a base, but was a totally different game. Basically, 02UM is the 02 we would have created if we were making it now.

What about the most minor characters, like Kyo1 and 2?
NG: I can’t talk about them at this point, but of course, they won’t be left out.

And the characters that were added in the consumer versions, like Shingo, Geese or Saishu?
NG: Some of them may… You will see at the TGS… (w)

If you keep 02 as a base, do you plan to add strikers?
NG: Since it’s the Nests chapter, we could have, but we decided to keep 02 the way it was. No strikers.

How will characters like Foxy or King find their ways into their teams?
NG: There will be different teams and original teams. You’ll see at the TGS.

Ura characters ?
NG: You’ll see, it’s a secret. We haven’t announced anything about the game, and I guess there will be much different questions after the TGS. Please come and play! Also, there will be a 98UM and 02 tournament as well.
Y: And a 02UM tournament?
NG: The 02 tournament will be on 02UM. We’re working hard on it. By the way, like last year, I will be there on the public day to play 1 on 1 against the players and chat with them.
Y: I hope you have your helmet ready…
NG: Please don’t throw eggs at me. It’s against the rules! (w)
But I think the players who like the orientation of the project will be pleased with the game.
Y: As we said earlier, several people want a new game with neogeo sprites. We heard their complains, and we are not going to change everything for the sake of it.

Usually '98 or '02 tends to be Tourneyfag's favorites in the series for the large cast and balancing. What do you guys think.

SNK Playmore TGS Page for the image
>Linked to Cyberfanatix

Fighter's Frontline for the interview
>Iggy from MMCafe translated the interview
>>Reposted from Cyberfanatix
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