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E 4 ALL, Kid Rages WoW match


This kid at E for ALL is mad for just losing a WoW event. Everyone notice's that he is making a fool out himself. I thought he was going throw something at him or fight. His friend is trying to calm him down. I'm not sure if the kid got his "Gamer Grub" or not? I not even sure if this kid got kick out of this event? I'm also wondering if the kid knew he was being recorded, it sure is funny to watch. He could not play in a teamwork environment, instead of pissing off his friend. I'm pretty sure they are not friends anymore after this. It reminds me of the kid who was so crazy, that he destroyed his keyboard. A very small crowd at E for all this weekend. Maybe they should try moving it to next e3 event just like what TGS does.
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