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SWE3tMadness' Review of "An American Carol" (NVGR)

Let me preface this review by saying that yes, I am a conservative, and yes, I'm sick of Michael Moore documentaries and the general elitist attitude Hollywood has towards the USA.

That being said, this still isn't a great movie.

in case you haven't heard, An American Carol is the brainchild of David Zucker, and is supposed to be a modern day retelling of A Christmas Carol. Only this time, Scrooge is replaced by Michael Malone, a fat, lazy, slob of a director, whose anti-american documentaries are constantly upstaged by his feature-film director counterparts. In his desperation, he inadvertantly helps a trio of hapless terrorists who are planning on blowing up a benefit concert on Independence Day.

I was never expecting a deep political satire to begin with, it is directed by one of the comedic minds behind Airplane! after all, but I was expecting it to be funny. And it is in many places, but with such shallow, sophomoric gags and lines as to make Tropic Thunder look brilliant. This is political incorrectness at its most extreme, and many of the laughs are derived at the expense of Malone, the terrorists, and various other kooks that are encountered throughout the meandering plot.

"What the fuck do you mean 'We couldn't get Ted Nugent'?!"

So, overall, if you think South Park, Airplane!, and The Naked Gun are all hilarious, chances are you'll laugh at this too. But those actually expecting a more complex political satire should stay far away.

I give it a 6 out of 10. Still funny, but if you aren't conservative to begin with, this movie isn't likely to convince you to change anytime soon.
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