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GTA IV Special Edition clearance @ Target


Want to be as happy as this guy without spending a lot of cash? I made a run to Target this week to pick up Scene It! after unstoppablejuggernaut's post about the game being a mere $14.99 on clearance. Totally worth every penny if you're a trivia nut or have any friends in real life. Great fun.

While I was there, I happened to notice that the XBox 360 collector's edition of Grand Theft Auto IV has also hit the bargain bin and it's a pretty good deal: $44.99. That's $15 less than the base game new! No idea how many stores are still carrying stock of this, but both of the locations that I visited to find what I was actually looking for had a couple of copies on hand.

Oh, and they also had this:


More deals coming in Discountoid tomorrow.
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