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C-Blogs of 10/03/08

No Nintendollisms today. I have a headache and I think it broke my brain.

On to recaps.

*- First and third person shooters are the generic current gen games
*- Strategy Chocolate: Smooth blend of chocolate and cherries for total world domination
*- Whatever happened to the invincibility star?

S- RetroforceGO! Ep. 61 video is now up
S- UK Bargains of the Week
S- Video Game Characters, Part 3: Mario
S- Aborto's then things I learned this week, halloween-style
S- Mega Model Fridays, driving in the dark
M- The FEAR: Buying a Bad Game
M- I'm not actually sure if this counts as a Monthly Musing...

None, boo :(

E- ShiMuNi is back with Schwarzenegger and Freakazoid
E- E For All was the gaming event of the year...pffft haha no
F- AMMO FNF Tonight at 11pm
F- TF2 on PC tonight, come out and celebrate ScottyG's B-day
F- EuroFNF looks like CoD4 on 360 tonight
F- Y0j1mb0's PS3 FNF, I hear there's new blood
F- 360 FNF looks like it's headed in the Halo 3 direction
F- Mario Kart FNF, take two
F- Starting a Diablo II FNF?
F- FNF on 360 will also have some RB2 and Castle Crashers
F- More PS3 FNF with the guy who redefines adorable
S- Having a life sometimes prevents you from blogging
S- Vexed Alex rises back from the gaming grave after less than a week
S- Superflossy is better at talking about video games than other writers at EW
S- Y0j1mb0 starts his kids off early in the art of fanboyism
I- Try a little harder on your intro blog or even MrSadistic won't love you
I- New member dislikes Kotaku's shenanigans
B- Black Yoshi wishes ScottyG a happy B-day!

N- If you have posted on LBP's new blog, you can get a free beta key
N- European VC Updates, now with more crows and logs
N- Lots of new, kind of random DLC songs for Rock Band
N- You want to download some free Xbox games? You can has
N- Zombie Panic Source is fun and you should play it
N- Some news on the development of APB
N- Metroid: SR388 delayed to to server issues
V- Walt Disney comes back from the dead to tell you about the new Kingdom Hearts
T- Quickblog: Tips to Nintendo on how to make the new PunchOut not suck
T- I guaruntee that Nintendo will not listen to your pleas
T- Some reasons why console MMOs aren't taking off
T- A wild goat appears! And talks about retro stuff (pudding roll ups?)
T- Taking a look back at Metal Fatigue, a generic RTS (video)
T- What we hope to see in Mass Effect 2
T- Good or bad? Extra content for buying games new
T- Nintendo doesn't want to give us the steaks we deserve
D- JForceGames talks character concept art

A- Megaman helmet for halloween, with some light-up action
F- A Look at Horror Movies: Shaun of the Dead
F- Cowzilla's Monday Reviews
S- Super Famicom controller makes Wii VC games much more fun
S- A community member is selling 300 NES games in one lot on eBay, check it out
S- REMiXXX bought a Pandora, then explains what it is

L- BahamitZero approves the new site's design
V- Ready to Friday: Monkey makes noodles edition
?- Some scattered thoughts on touch screen capabilities
?- Why there should be a game with bees and spiders and narwhals
?- Wait...what?
?- There are so many pictures in this post, I forgot what it was about by the end

F- A post of Max Payne movie posters covered in the IGN watermark
F- This belongs in the forums
F- Seriously, who the hell uses limewire anymore?
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