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Funny Nintendo stuff.


"Livet i 8 bitar"
Nintendo World 8-Bit championship. Okay so this movie seems to be in foreign (Sweden). The dude seems to want to go and qualify for the Nintendo event. For a few seconds you think you just a new power glove, but it's not just a hand glove protector. I'm trying to find out more information a bout this movie, oh wait its called "Livet i 8 bitar" (2002). imdb.com says: The story of J whose goal is to be world master at playing Nintendo. He struggles with his traditional Jewish family and non-Jewish girlfriend who demand that he grow up and get a job. Real problems arise when he awakes to discover that his right hand is missing. I'll try to rent this movie if I can it or not. I heard it was not that great, seems less funny.

This one below seems funny how movie did it wrong as usual. It's only one player at a time. He not playing power glove correctly so it's unreal point of view.

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