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Second verse, same as the first.

I’m worried about Nintendo. This is not about the new DSi. That’s cool. I will probably end up getting one since my L and R buttons are a bit funky on my current DS Lite. What I’m worried about is their plan to remake Gamecube games for Wii. Let’s look into this.

First of all, the Wii plays Gamecube games. All you need is a Gamecube controller. There isn’t really any reason to remake these for a system that already plays these games. Apparently, atleast one of these remakes will use motion control. I sure hope they all do or there is truely no reason to buy them.

This is putting Nintendo in a strange spot. Why remake the GC version of Mario tennis when you could just make a new one? It could be because their new version of games (see Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Metroid) play almost exactly like the previous iteration but with motion controls. All I’ve wanted from Nintendo since Wii launched was a Mario tennis, but a new version of the GC one? This whole “play on Wii” movement reaks of laziness. Please get creative, Nintendo. We want new “hardcore” games. Not motion controlled versions of the games we’ve already played.
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