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So you know those Japanese Wii-Famicom controllers? I got one!


Finally I can play my VC games like Donkey Kong Country and Streetfighter II - Turbo Hyper Fighting with the correct controller. I was going to simply buy the SNES-GC converter, but i wanted a shiny new SNES controller to go along with my Wii, but I might buy one of the converters so my friends can use a SNES controller as well.

But I digress, I was actually just really happy about getting one of these because they were only made available to Japanese Nintendo Club members and I REEEAAALLLLYYYY wanted one, and I had heard nothing about them being released here in AUS, so I nabbed it!

Also, just a random question for anybody who can be bothered answering, is Mario Kart Wii worth buying, and if so, should I pay a bit extra to get the stupid bit of round plastic that comes with it?
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