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Quickblog: How to make Punchout Wii The best game ever.

I'll make this quick as possible because I know the actual news of it has already been posted.

Step One: Fix Little Mac's design.

Seriously, what the hell nintendo? I love me some punch out, and going crazy over this game, but that is NOT little mac. I refer you to smash bros brawl for the proper model THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Step Two: Have Doc Lewis.

This is a no brainer, and hopefully we'll get a nice full 3d scene of some bike stealing. oh yeah. Also, Join the Nintendo Fun Club today.

Step Three: Make Mario the referee.

This is how it was in the NES version, and since they're gearing it more towards that instead of the SNES SUPER punch out (which is equally awesome, I must add), it would make sense to go ahead and do this , so DO IT PLEASE.

Final Step: Make more than one control scheme.

Yeah, I bet they'll want us to use some waggle for punchout, and I understand that, but It's not how I'm used to playing it and I will be sorely dissapointed if a classic control scheme is not implemented, either wii remote on its side and/or gamecube controller support would be awesome.
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