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Anybody help with Xbox tech support who isn't stupid?

I'm having a problem with my 360.
When I fire it up, it goes to load my profile and connect to Live and it freezes up.
it gets stuck on this screen:

I've been on the phone with tech support for *checks phone* 41 minutes and counting. I'm actually on hold now.
They keep asking me to check my modem, my router, where my system is plugged in. Everything.
There is NOTHING different with my setup today than there was the past 8 fucking months. There's nothing different at all, and I was playing Viva Pinata this morning without problems.

I've tried to connect directly to the modem, I've tried to power down the modem. I even cleared my cache. nothing works.
When the ethernet cable is unplugged it works fine. As soon as it tries to connect to Live to log me in,

This is bullshit and the tech guy isn't very helpful at all. I've been put on hold at least 8 times already and I don't know what to do.

EDIT: This motherfucker didn't know how to pronounce Pennsylvania. What the hell...
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