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Gamecube Wiimakes, bull!

One bit of news that was announced at Nintendo's press conference was retooling of gc titles with the Wii remote for a new line of games called "Play for Wii". I just bought Kirby SSU two days ago, so I am defiantly not against remakes but SERIOUSLY? The very next generation we have to pay for this stuff again? 3,800($34) seems like a nice price compared to some $50 dollar shovelware being pushed on the Wii constantly and as a bonus these games are all of a high quality...............erm WERE of a high quality FOUR TO SEVEN YEARS AGO. I'm not surprised at the existence of the wiimakes, Miyamoto even said before Wii came out he thought this retooling would be interesting. I assumed this would be a desperate attempt of Gamecube-era Nintendo if the Wii sold poorly could do some quickies to gain some revenue. We all know Gamecube-era Nintendo became OMGWTF market leader Nintendo and was sitting on stacks of yen. So why now? Why push out some of these games now?I also feel confident in sayings these will be straight ports, think about it, seven year old graphics Today!

Let's look at the list of Wiimakes announced

Chibi Robo
Pikmin 2
Mario Tennis GC
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime 2 Dark Echoes
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

I can see Metroid Prime getting another go on the Wi after everyone was clamoring for more prime 3 controls, which was hot sexings. Prime was even seen as one of the few series that actually benefited from the Gamecube. Is it worth $36? Probably not but it could be a fun weekend rental.

Jungle Beat was in my opinion a fantastic platformer too few people actually played. With the Gamecube and Bongo's driving some away from this DK game that comes just close enough to the DKC series of the golden years. I would encourage people who haven't played Jungle Beat to seriously consider this "play for Wii" title.

Pikmin with a Wii remote seems like it might be a little faster but that's it. It is sad to see laziness being capitalized like that but unfortunately I just know people will call pikmin "Practically built for da wii!!!1!" No, No it's not. A new Pikmin would be great(I pray this wasn't the Pikmin they were "making" at e3) but I don't need the same two games shoved down my throat again.

The last two are the worst offenders of this cash-in. A new Mario Tennis and Chibi-robo for the Wii? Sign me up! Mario tennis with wii sports or better controls is a dream for me. Chibi-robo also could use any update possible. Of course, this isn't really a new game so it's not really the games we have been waiting for. More like the dead shell of foregone friends put on life-support forcing them beyond their time. It's just sad really. Mario tennis wasn't even that great of a game to start out with and Chibi-robo was fun while it lasted but that's just it, it's time has come and gone.

One final thing I loathe about these wiimakes, is that this takes some resources away from the potential for a new game. I'm not sure how long these games might take to retool. But even if it's a month of labor for each, that's seven months that could've went towards punch-out or some other franchise. When is this train going to let off? Worst case scenario? Wii rereleases with Motion plus! God help us all that day.
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