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CBlogs of 01/10/2008 + Sykisms

First up, what the fuck Reaprar. 2 missed recaps in a row. I apologise to everyone who writes blogs on Tuesday and has them go unrecapped. Onto Wednesday's blogs.

S - The MadWorld video Colette frontpaged

Have you bought Wipeout HD and Megaman 9? Yes? OK you can keep reading, no spoilers or anything but I just don't want you reading this if you're not partaking in this run of downloadable excellence. Readers without a PS3 are exempt from the Wipeout HD requirement.

I don't think many people here were planning on going to see Mirrors, that Keifer Sutherland horror movie but I strongly advise that you don't. If you've seen any major American horror movie in the last few years then you've already seen everything this film has to offer, big on gore and shock, light on plot while using an everyday object to ramp up the lingering feeling of creepyness once you've gotten home and wondered why the hell you bothered to head out and see it in the first place. If you really, really need to see Amy Smart rip her own jaw off in the bath though then go ahead, fill your boots. Actually if you need to see Amy Smart in the bath (and you do) then fill your boots.

I've taken the decision to start building my own PC. This isn't a major gaming decision, I just fixed up a knackered PC I found a few weeks ago and its awoken my techie skills so I want to have my new desktop be something that I know inside out. That said I do want something that'll play some more recent PC exclusives, I'm on a real PC RPG buzz right now so I'm playing everything I can find. That might just be my fetish for PC RPG manuals though, man I love me some giant manuals. Also bought The Longest Journey and Dreamfall in the special edition pack a few days ago with the artbook and soundtrack CD. That package alone is pure sex and I'm liking what I've played of The Longest Journey. Not too far in yet but its actually my first major point and click adventure game, only one I'd played before this was Sam and Max Episode 4 and I'd hardly consider that alone to be a major adventure.

MechaMonkey has a massive sausage, he also has your Thursday recaps tomorrow. I've just been paid and I'm going to bed, goodnight.

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