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The FEAR:The Waggletar of Next Gen


Here we are as some might see it in the middle of this console generation. What does that mean? Well a few things, and some might not be that great. With every new generation we get prettier games, and also some games start getting really stale. For instance last gen, the GCN, PS2, and Xbox were dominated by platformers and console FPSs. Now platformers are dieing and FPSs are the dominating genre this gen. That's how I see it.

The rise of the Wii and DS have brought forth the dawning of the idiot games. Fun the may be but if they start overwhelming my library I am going to shoot someone. One can only take so many party games. This generation also gave rise to music games. What FPS was to the PS2 and Xbox days, music games are to this gen. This is what scares me, don't get me wrong I own all the songs currently available for Rock Band 2. If the future consoles become centered on making casual and music games, like the current Xbox controller has a trigger for FPS, then they might dominate the next gen.

You might not think anything of it, but if this happens, our prettier games, and other lovable genres might be pushed to the backseat over waggle and peripherals. It makes a person inside uneasy knowing that a pattern has emerged and might continue. I just hope Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony do not use this data to make their next consoles. There are already rumors of the Playstation 4 using the Cell processor and adding "more features".

Seriously how would you feel about that? I just hope Nintendo did not screw the next gen by showing Microsoft and Sony that you can make good money off of the waggle. What I do hope to see is the return of the platformer, maybe some more 3rd person action, and ugh nay I say music games, they have gotten to me. What I do not want is more waggle, and easily fun games that last 5 minutes, and use less power to look pretty than the damn Gameboy.

That's my fear. If the next gen systems come bundled with a standard guitar, or super waggle control then it has come true and I have lost faith in the gaming industry, because that would show they care about the money and only the money. I think console FPSs are going to die this gen, they are getting really similar and stale imo. What I do want is good games, new games, and more Pikminesque titles. Fear the future, fear the waggletar.
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