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Heroes Episode 3...WTF?! Edition

So after watching the latest episode of Heroes, I had to give a nod to P3T3Y who called the Nikki/Tracey link...If you didn't watch the episode, there will be spoilers.

We continue to be lead down a path of ambiguity....I thought this episode was better than the last, but there are still to many recreations of characters, and silly plot additions. Trying to give the "Sylar Patrelli thing, I can't help but feel like the writers are laughing at the people watching as this is some lame attempt as a joke. I mean, we all knew that Mrs Patrelli was ruthless, and full of guile, but it is retarded that after the first 2 seasons she has come to the understanding that Nathan and Peter are failures and that somehow Sylar gives hope to her...Huh?

There seems to be no other reason for the speedy broad who is a thief to be included in the storyline other than putting a womans face next to Hiro again. Season 1 had the waitress, season 2 had the Japanese princess, and now we have some super speed broad with a bad haircut. Give me a break...

No mention of Mohinder after he was turning into Brundel-Fly last week...Seems like they are throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks. I understand each episode has a somewhat main character/theme...But after the giant hole left at the end of episode 2, how do they not even revisit it at all, even if for only a tease?

I think the Claire thing needs to either pick up steam, or just go back to watching that crazy whore mother go bonkers over Mr Muggles...

How many of these "special" people were put out for adoption? At least when it came to Claire, they had Noah in place to see over her. They stuck Sylar with a fuckin watchmaker, nobody knowing his abilities, or watching, and he becomes a fucking psycho...

Do I smell remorse for the "future painter" Isaac being killed off early? Now we have an African tribesman who, in an odd turn, has the 9th wonder comics in his hut, in the African desert, and he is painting on rocks with berries that are apparently able to withstand any form of weather and rain...fucking berry paints...on boulders and the sandy ground, that never go away...

I would hope they would look for new powers to give people, like the guy whose stregnth grows exponentially based on the fear surrounding him...That's a cool power...Rehashing Isaacs powers in the exact same way seems lazy.

P3T3Y called it when he said 'Tracey' would be a clone or created copy of Nikki/Jessica. Basically this gives the writers a lazy out to continually kill Ali Larter off and have her always come back. The whole coffin in the house and Michah alone there was fucking creepy, and odd.

It seems like any originality that they gave to the powers these people had is starting to wane. How do you have a German guy who can manipulate magnetic fields? Seriously...I'm not a comic book guy and I know that's Magneto. Are we going to see a bald guy with an British accent who is crippled that has super psychic abilities? Tracey is IceMan with a twat. Mohinder is turning into Brundel-Fly...Maybe the writers watched too many movies and cartoons during the strike, because they went from unique characters to bringing other superheroes into their universe.

What is amazingly sad is I'll still watch it. Even as it gets more convoluted, I'll get sucked in further.

And why would they put Hiro AND Ando in the same cell? Wouldn't that seem to go against everything they did prior, and make it easier for the 2 of them to escape together? We are going down a bad path with this show, and I don't know if they can, or want to, turn this thing around. I guess we will see next week.
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