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My weekend score, let me show it to you.

[Authors Note: As always, sorry for crappy laptop webcam picture quality]

I normally don't blog about the good deals and old games I find at the local flea market. Sometimes though, my score excites me to the point that I need to tell someone. This weekend I got two good ones.

First off, Legend of Mana($20):

It's a little beat up, yeah, but it works. One of my favorite games on the N64. For those of you who don't know, the game plays like a Legend of Zelda game. As Goemon and company you travel across Japan fighting to save it from the "Peach Mountain Gang". The game actually survived the test of time very well in my opinion(after playing it almost straight until I had to return to college on Sunday). The game has technically crappy graphics, yeah, but the art style has a charm that surpasses all of that. It controls surprisingly well, but lacks any camera control at all. The story is quirky and funny too. Also giant robot fights.

Alas, that's only what I could get with the cash I could spare for the moment. I also saw a few other games I wanted including:

Final Fantasy III(SNES)
Final Fantasy Tactics(PSX)
Final Fantasy Chronicles(PSX)
Final Fantasy Anthology(PSX)
Lunar: The complete saga(PSX)
Lunar 2(PSX)

Plus a few others between the SNES and PS3. I just hope I get some spare cash before someone else can pick those up because those were fairly more expensive than my score this past weekend($30 at the low end).

And now closing with a random vid:

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