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"Rumor- New ds with music,photos and larger screen?" Is it possible?

There are three pictures circulating the net right now. These pictures are supposedly pictures of a Japanese newspaper talking about a new ds on the way which includes:

Nintendo DS Next model
- (digital) Camera included
- music playback function
- Wireless connection function power up
- larger screen
- to be released this year in Japan
- under 20000 yen
- new types of games by using the camera
- get/exchange data from Wii and SD card (SD card slot included?)

Before, we get into breaking this down, I must say the source for this may be a Japanese Newspaper (supposedly). But, this was found on NeoGAF so you know, HUGE grain of salt.
I figured that I would due my best to try to dissect these features and figure out if a new model is plausible and rather this could be true.

Digital Camera

At first from an American perspective, this just didn't seem reasonable enough, then I thought about how this would be handled in Japan. It's no secret that Japanese have almost everything they need in their cell phones, but if the ds and psp sales are any indication their is room for two devices to carry around. The psp has been beating out the ds for the past couple of month in Japan; I have to wonder if the psp sales are not just from a new monster hunter or final fantasy, rather those games coupled with the psp's ability to hold photos and play music could sweeten the deal for Japanese gamers. So is a camera possible? I think so, if Nintendo is trying to gain some of the ground it lost the psp earlier this year.

music playback function

Here's one that seems to follow the same ideology of the camera, another attempt to act like a psp alternative. But this was just a bit more harder to swallow, could anti-pirate crazy Nintendo allow for something like music playback with downloaded music (a gigantic perpetrator of the pirating industry)? I could see music playback happening only if some serious measures were put in place to stop people from playing illegally downloaded songs.
But let us not forget Play Yan, which did exactly this and was sold a ton in both Europe and Japan. I don't know if it stills sells a lot but it would make since to cut out the middle man and throw the Play Yan in the ds hardware

Wireless connection function power up

I'm gonna be honest and say I have no clue what this means, so if someone wants to tell me exactly what the hell this is, I'll be sure to explain the plausibility of it happening.

Larger screen

I can see this happening very easily, despite that it might stretch ds games that already look pretty bad on the Lite. I only see a larger screen being a few more centimeters in width and nothing more. I think a bigger screen would be a given if a new model was ever made.

to be released this year in Japan
This seems like too short a window for Nintendo to announce a product, and then put on store shelves. If a new ds was announced, the only logical chance would be this Thursday at Nintendo's press conference in japan. Let's say the launch day is November 16th, 2008, that gives 45 days from announcement till launch. Seems too small of a window for a new hand held. But the launch of the ds lite proves this wrong. Lite was announced January 26th, 2006 and launched March 2nd, 2006; that's 35 days between announcement and launch. Suddenly 45 days seems a bit long as opposed to too small. Plus everyone remembers the year long sale out of the lite, this could be Nintendo's way of giving them some space too make as many as they can before the lines start forming.

Under 20000 yen

The ds lite was launched for 16,800 yen which is under 20,000. Plausible, moving on.

new types of games by using the camera
This seems the most unlikely, I honestly couldn't see Nintendo dichotomizing it's player base. Especially since it is fervent in capturing the casual gamers and it doesn't seem like that Nintendo would launch a series of games that couldn't work on their lites. Could Nintendouse these games as a ploy to buy the new model? Sure it makes since business wise but it seems like Nintendo wouldn't pass up any money it could make through these new games.

get/exchange data from Wii and SD card (SD card slot included?)

First off, let say that Nintendo were to add a SD card slot to the new ds. I see the new ds as thinner yet longer design. Their would be room for a sd card slot on top of the ds card slot but only at the cost of the gba slot. While I for one would hate to lose the backwards compatibility, see this happening due to the micro losing it's ability to play GB and GBC games for the sake of a better design.

Second, would Nintendo due something to allow ds to wii exchange of data? The ds and wii are already wirelessly compatible so the only conclusion is that this is for virtual console games. Let me first say that this would be the most amazing thing ever. Carrying around 3 or 4 snes games on my ds is something I imagined way back when the wii was first announced. I also totally see this one happening along with gba games becoming part of the virtual console. Why? Because with no gba slot it's the easiest way to money the consumer to death. Want to play fire emblem? 7 bucks! Sure it's underhanded and pisses us off but hey, most of us are gonna due it because we're all suckers for Ninty.

Overall, while everything seems pretty plausible, I almost want to say that this is not gonna happen, but I denied the lite and micro both when they were rumors. The newspaper this is supposed to be from is a economic newspaper as well. I'm really on the fence here, so take from my thoughts what you well and I'll start saving just incase.
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