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Fuck ScrewAttack.com

Now.. don't get me wrong.. I at one time loved that site, I thought that a lot of the articles and news shows were worthy of being called journalism, and I often went there for gaming news.

Big mistake.

Recently, I noticed the Hard News on the site slipping from your regular Gamer News show, to fanboy yells at camera about his favorite games. I've also seen him do nothing but report on things that he likes for almost a month straight (ahem SPORE isn't the only fucking game out now, so quit talking about it on the fucking show) Also on this topic, a lot of PC gamers get insulted by this news show.. only to have the anchor reveal that he is one of the people he is insulting... Atrocious reporting. I also check their references often... only to find blank and moved websites. I recall the day after the newer "Bionic commando: rearmed" came out.. I posted "This game rules, if you didn't pay the old one check it out, if you did, you'll love this game" A week later I see Destin telling us that he has spent the whole weekend playing the game that I was trying to get others on the site to notice... No points for this.. No points for being constructive (like the point system is supposed to work)

Onto another bone to pick with the Screwed Attack.

The "G1 Points".

Totally fixed. If you're "Debaser" and you contribute to his (crappy) website, you automatically get voted to "Top g1 post" on SA. You can shit out crap articles about "Halloween" games and your SPECULATION on how the people at Midway came up with the ideas for their characters.. PLEASE! This is utter crap to anyone with a good sense of literary competence. More thought went into my high school speech class. More thought went into my high school English proficiency exam. yet, I still see this asswipe writing LAME stories that honestly are less interesting than watching an ant colony go after a picnic.

So.. ScrewAttack loses another user because they promote mediocre self-proclaimed ego inflated writers who basically shit out an article every week that has barely any thought and very little research.

I sometimes wonder if these kids have even taken College English...

I have.. and I know I would FAIL any English course if I submitted such utter bullshit as an assignment.

before you call yourself a fucking writer, take some fucking classes!

lol ^_^ love ya Destructoid.

/end rant
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