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C-Blogs of 09/26/08 + Nintendollisms

I know this is ridiculously late, sorry. I'm just really super sick right now and I actually had to ask Zen Albatross to help me out (since he said he'd be awake anyway). Even between the two of us it's taken the better part of five hours and I'm exhausted. I appreciate the Stickam invites but I somehow cut my face and I now sport an embarrassingly large Batman band-aid on my face. Without further complaints, here are your Friday Recaps.

*-Wario Ware meets the best movie trilogy ever
*- Ceark makes an amazing messenger bag and it's amazing
*- Reading classic literature and playing Megaman 9 are really the same thing

A- Does realism equal fun?
S- UK Bargains of Sept. 26th
S- Aborto thefetus's 10 Things I Learned This Week
S- European VC Releases
S- Cowzilla's Monday Review: Miracle At St. Anna
M- Feel the Hatred: The PS3 Controller
M Feel the Hatred: Required Side Quests
M- Shadokat rants on Self-Proclaimed Hardcore Gamers

W- Agent MOO Announces AMMO Photoshop Contest Winner

E- For anyone in SE Canada, it's time to organize a CaNARP
E- Epic Movie Night - Shooooot'emUp, Theoooooo!!!
F- FNF Presidential Debate Edition
F- FNF Team Fortress 2 on PC
F- 360 FNF - Rock Band 2 & Castle Crashers
F- PS3 FNF - Burnout & WipeOut
F- Wii can has FNF, too! - Mario Kart
F- Euro FNF needs moar epilepsy
F- FNF on a ship
C- NVGR: The economy is shit and it's scary
B- Happy Birthday, Y0j1mb0: A Youtube Tribute to the One Beard to Rule Them All
B- Y0j1mb0's Birthday Thoughts and Memories
R- Vexed Alex is going cold turkey
H- Seltzermx's sweet set up

N- Microsoft's Retail loyalty site is resetting their points come November, now's the time to SPEND!
N- CoD5 Collector's edition is sexy; game might -not- suck
N- AC/DC RB2 pack will be disc-only? GuitarAtomic thinks so
N- PS3 Price Drop? Also, Fuze is tasty.
N- Home beta scam message on PSN? Also, DIABEETUS.
V- Gameplay Footage of Shen Long in SFIV!
R- The Force is still leashed, according to EternalDeathSlayer
R- In lieu of MM9, Jonathan Holmes reviews one of the less stellar points of the Mega Man series
R- Nameless Gaming video-reviews TnA Impact & Spore
R- Vitz711's MGS4 post-mortem
R- Quick Crysis Warhead Review with some spoilers
R- Warhammer Online Review
T- jim yates thinks WipeOut HD is seizurific
T- unangbangkay loves techno thanks to Wipeout HD
T- Preview: The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom
T- Braid's 'Oh Sh*t' Moment
T- Robots + Explosions = Awesome
T- Games You Should Have Played - The Punisher
T- Sad Japanese game is sad...but FREE!
T- Bungie has broken Nihon's hopes and dreams
T- Gamers today demand more from developers and not buying into the hype
T- Baldur's Gate: Past, Present and Future
T- A thoughtful question: playing for fun or just to finish?

A- mgmgarcia has the beginnings of some sweet tatt's
M- Pulsewave returns with another chiptunes concert in NYC

L- Destructoid is down...or is it just viral marketing?
L- Some sweet unlockables in Megaman IX
L- Only the dragon enemy has an attack. He breathes fire in a horizontal way. That is Dig Dug
L- BahamutZero's drunk reviews give me happiness
R- Man crosses the English Channel with a jet wing! woo!
R- Writing about video games will keep his brain from going bad? Something like that
R- Freak-A-Me, Freak-A-You
R- Unstoppable Juggernaut's drinking binge is... well, unstoppable.
V- Evil fat cat is not evil, just misunderstood
V- Retroforce Go! ep 60 - In Video Form
C- Not enough good games this year?
C- If you want to stay on XBL, be careful where you move
?- Ron does some Jack Thompson photoshops, I'm confused
?- umm... something to do with Yggdra Union and german existentialism...?

C- BBcode, mothafucka: do you use it?
F- This video is garbage. Seriously, NVGR and fucking horrible
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