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My Tattoo Sleeve Begins

It was a long time coming but work has finally begun...

Of the five pieces chosen for my entire arm tattoo dedication to Video Games, i decided to begin with the classic Street Fighter II.

All five main tattoos to make arm the whole arm have been chosen, and the reason i decided to start with this one is, its the easiest to show off! Also, its makes the upper arm tattoos easier to place if the bottom is complete. This one is based off an Udon Crew image i found on, and i knew straight away, this is what i wanted. Would have been nice to have Ken in there too, but watevs.

The thought process behind this work is that i wanted to choose games that were epic when i was growing up. (i'm 8-Bit BTW). The kinds of games that when some one says,"Hey, watcha doing?" and you reply with "Playing (in this case SF2)" the only obvious response is: "Of course."

So being 27 now, and my video game career spanning back to the Nes days, when i was roughly 6-ish, there are A LOT of games that fall into the "sucked my life away" category.

Hmmmm, I'm not going to tell you guys the other 4 characters i'm getting, in case some slight changes occur. For example, on the other side of my forearm from this tattoo i was going to get Sakura, but now I've changed that to something WAY WAY more epic

SO next along will be the filling in, which will probably take longer than this. This outline only took 2 hours. Im expecting 3, but more like 4 next.

I'd like to know what you guys think, and even thought I've already decided on the whole arm, what characters do you think would make a good tattoo?

And yes, in case your wondering: Im that hardcore
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