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Games You Should've Played - The Punisher

I'm going to attempt to show you a few games, some older, some more recent, that you should have played but probably didn't. I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite underrated action games of all time....THQs 2005 release of The Punisher.

Now I'm not a comic book guy, so I couldn't tell you who The Punishers greatest enemies have been, but as a gamer I can tell you why The Punisher is one bad mother fucker who kicks teeth in from start to finish...For anyone who doesn't know who the Punisher is, he is Frank Castle...He's very upset since his family was murdered and decided he was going to wreck baddies. That sucks for him, but is awesome for us!

Any action/3rd person shooter fan will feel right at home with the tight gunplay, sadistic interrogations, beautifully bloody executions, and quick-time-event kick assery that permeates every one of the 16 levels laid before you. Now on 'Next-Gen' hardware The Punisher may look meek graphically, but it delivers a visceral punch. Bodys get hacked, blown apart, and filled with lead. The action is intense, offering up tight aiming and satisfying kills. The story is good, if not great. It sets a very dark tone that leads you down a sadistic path.

The beauty in the violence is only overshadowed due to the ESRBs censorship of the executions. The camera will turn monochrome during these sequences, but there is a way to unlock the uncensored kills. It pays off as you will see things like...

You have some choice during the interrogations, and you can decide to evicerate your victim. Multiple executions placed throughout 16 levels offer up a nice mix of generic murder, to downright insane (usually the latter).

The game isn't long, but with multiple difficulty settings, and a few different modes, including a challenge mode for each level after you've completed it adds some legs. The challenge mode offers up, well, different challenges in each level. Like going through a crack den, and murdering a certain amount of people in a set time, using a certain weapon only...It makes things interesting, and you will want to do them because the gameplay is solid, and there weren't many games that offered up such a vitriolic experience that played as well as this.

The boss fights are fun, even if they can be formulaic sometimes. They range from baddies like BullsEye to Kingpin...There are a decent mix of villians and most should have a decent grasp of who they are, even if you're not bonkers for comics.

I would urge anyone who is a big time action fan to grab a copy, and have at it for a solid weekend of murdering evildoers, and taking the moral low ground getting revenge. With plenty of weapons, and tons of baddies between you and the endgame, you'll be thanking me as your TV runs red with the blood of your enemy.
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