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FNF: Wii - Mario Kart


Hello everyone... With the big presidential debates looming, I know that I want something else to do to keep my mind off of the absolute crap hole condition our country is in by drowning myself in some good games.

I know that usually everyone plays TF2 or something bloody and insane. This week I am going to try something different. I'm inviting people to join me, digtastik, groebo, and a few others to some Mario Kart Wii action. I know that the Wii sucks for online communication, but it doesn't stop it from being a good game (especially for people with a PS3, or 360, or PC (man I'm lame)).

Mine Kart Kode: 3738 0140 6156

Anyways... we usually get together around 10pm EST, and will probably be playing fairly late, so join in anytime. If you are interested put your Kart Kode in the comments here, and I will add you before I start playing tonight.

Wait... this is just a sausage fest on the Wii
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