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My Gaming Setup

Everybody else was doing it, so who am I to not jump on a bandwagon.

First pic is just the whole thing from afar. I really like the table in the center. Those blue things on the side are actually drawers, so I can put all sort of crap in them and nobody will know.

Next is a closeup of my stand.
Sadly enough I'm out space. I have a Gamecube too, just don't have anywhere to put it. I have the connections plugged and waiting to be used when I get the urge for some Symphonia or Mario Tennis.

Also, don't know where I'm gonna put the PS3 once I eventually get it. My original plan was to get rid of my Divx DVD player that's there under the keyboard, put the PS3 there, and also get rid of the PS2 and get a Popcorn Hour media player. Since those damn things play anything and I;m currently in the process of transferring all my *ahem* legal backups of movies and TV shows to some externals I got, it seemed like a good idea. But now that backwards compatibility is gone from all versions, that puts me in a conundrum.

That gargantuan beast on the lower left side is the receiver for my 7.1 system. I raise the volume to only 35% of max ad Call of Duty 4 already feels like a real frickin war. Can't wait to move out of the apartment so I can max out the volume without worrying about the other tenants.

Here's a view from another angle. That monolith looking object in the corner is actually my DVD /book/random-shit rack.

Thats the tower thingy when its actually open. I really like it. It blends in well when its closed, and hangs of the floor. And most people don't realize it opens, so if I get robbed, they'll probably overlook it. Also, it's roomy enough to hide a body in there (should the need ever arise).

This pic shows most of my PS2 collection. I've really gotten into RPGs in the past 3 or so years, so I pretty mich have to buy them when they come out (good ones, and Atlus ones).

Here's the rest of my PS2 collection as well as my limited Gamecube and PS1 collections, and slowly but surely expanding DS one (Chrono Trigger and Rythm Heaven, here I come!!). Yes I know, I have 2 copies of SMT: Nocturne. I just couldn't resist it when Play-Asia restocked them. And yes, I also have both the English and Japanese versions of Final Fantasy 4 DS. I haven't even opened the Japanese one. I just pick it up and stare at its beauty from time to time. It soothes me.

Next is my X360 collection. It's grown quite well considering I've only had it for little over a year, and I hardly have time to play many games with my 60-hr a week job, and probably 20-30 hr a week TV/anime schedule, and massive-drinking/massive-hangover routine. Currently I'm chugging through Infinite Undiscovery and hope to get to Vesperia before Last Remnant comes out.

Finally, that's where I keep my Gamecube in hibernation until such a time as drunken Mario Tennis is called for. Also some books. (Seriously awesome books, you should read them if you haven't)

Well, that's it for my setup. I don't really have a gaming PC, just a 1-year old laptop with many many external drives. Also, thank god my Good Old Games trial came in. Playin through some Freespace 2 again in my free time (pretty much only when my Ramen is heating up).

Off to watch The Office.

Oh, and for the Chuck fans out there that don't know, it starts next Monday, but the new episode has been up on Hulu since this past Monday and also on Xbox Marketplace. It was awesome by the way.
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