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Thanks, Destructoid

During my time here at Destructoid, between random hiatuses, I have come to know some of the community members for certain attributes. I look forward to hearing from most of them (even the asinine ones, believe it or not) and have assembled a little “thank you” post to Destructoid.

The Specifics

First off, to Y0j1mb0, for the many times I've been welcomed back into the community, after vanishing for a month or two at a time. The encouragement to continue writing – here and on my own website. And for the inspiration to thank everyone - the swanky banner he made for me, somewhat randomly, which I will cherish as long as I can.

Then the obligatory “I was introduced to this site by....” which goes to Spykron. I've known Spykron for years in the world beyond the internet – its a mystical place, where friends are always appreciated, and he's stuck around for a good deal of “real life” stuff.

Sharpless, my favorite stalk-ee in the whole wide world! Thanks for letting me properly stalk you on various websites and XBL. Castle Crashing again someday, hopefully soon!

Petrovay, for being supportive on my website writing as well. Also, for confirming that it was, indeed, rats that I heard under the street in NYC.

Ron Workman, the wierdo who stalked me once – making me feel included in other destructoid traditions, extended through the world of networking.

A somewhat belated thanks out to Shipero, who was abducted by Spykron and I for a day in January – Thanks for wandering around with us, and hitting a bar in a relatively unknown part of town. Also, for being smarter than everyone else. Cheers!

A strange thank you should go to Artemis – for potentially having a sexier gaming chair than mine, though this hasn't been confirmed photographically, it has been implied greatly. Thanks for putting the gold crushed velvet in its place. Especially if it's a leopard driving a chariot, or whatever it was we decided on.

To Hamza CTZ, I don't know if I even need to explain this one – but I will. Aside from babysitting this somewhat troubled community, thanks for humoring me as a newb. All is right with the world, thanks to your difficult lifestyle, drinking on yachts.

Mr Sadistic; It's good to have you back, after your 2 months of no blogs. Though, thanks for lurking around during that time. So basically, thanks for being an entertaining, creepy fucker, it just wouldn't be the same without you.

Of course, Jim Sterling gets one for wearing a monocle and looking good doing it. It's very important, these days.

Finally; Brilliam – thank you so much for writing this. Someday, it will make a difference - the stereotypes will wander into Wal-mart, and never be heard from again.

The remainders

Though there isn't enough space on the internet to thank everyone specifically – or maybe I just suddenly got lazy, I do appreciate everyone. Even those that dislike me for whatever reason, or that I dislike for various reasons. It wouldn't be the internet without every personality type around.

This community has been lot of fun, and hopefully will continue to be. The good, the bad, and the un-punctuated have kept me up-to-date in the gaming world and otherwise. Here, I've bettered myself, and built up an immunity to the trolls; Thanks everyone!


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