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Cblog Recap 9/22/08

Recap Time!

*-Dammit Michi, I got something in my eye (Megaman tribute)

*- Mega Man Mashup Poster

*- Vitz questions games as a legitimate art form. Good back-and-forth in the comments

*- Dale North is awesome

*- RedRabbit shows us another lolwut PS3 ad. Epic comments

*- Mega Man 9 OST! Thanks Bwark-Kupo!

S- NihonTiger take on that stupid GameFAQS character battle AKA the Cloud/Mario party

No Contest posts today, unless I missed something :(

S- Let's support Christina Faith Winterburn and System Lynk

I- Welcome Josh, don't suck

R- Tim, I'm so sorry. Hope you get your 360 back soon

S- Demios has a question for the Cali D-toiders

N- Drakonikarma has Age of Booty Beta key info

N- Gohan has Mega Man 9 DLC info, and it isn't

N- thefil brings news of Persona 2

N- Toneman brings loli news; [email protected] DLC

N- Ali D brings news of Rock Band in Australia. Maybe one day you guys will get the sequel?

N- Virtual Reality cocoon from Daxelman. Pretty fascinating

N- Fable 2 is GOLD (NotAZombie)

N- Haxan reports on MM9's incompatability with the RetroUSB + NES controller

N- Wii MM9 saves can't be copied. Thanks for the heads-up Pedro

V- Geoff shows some MM9 skills

V- manasteel and video version of RetroforceGO!

V- Covah has a spoilerrific impression of The Force Unleashed

V- darkair has some GTA: Chinatown Wars shots

R- Trev has a review of The Force Unleashed

R- Gwyddia and a review of Dragon Quest IV DS

R- Skull reviews the TNA wrasslin' game

T- Pendelton is a new daddy of a 360!

T- BlindsideDork is also a daddy of a 360! From the repair center anyway.

T- BlindsideDork wants to be excited for White Knight Chronicles

T- coonskin gives you some idea of what games to play while waiting for 360 MM9

T- Ya know Bacon, we've all been there. Now I want a bacon sandvich, and when I close my eyes that's all I see

T- Ocified-Xboxer and his impressions of Mercenaries 2

T- NihonTiger wants to know whatcha got

T- Trev gives his impressions of the new Armored Core game

T- Etelmik wants you to play WAR, and has some compelling reasons why.

T- Crecente is a whiny bitch who refuses to take responsibility (Geoff)

T- Mega Man in Portal (kinda) (darkair)

A- Batthink dumps some art

A- Epic Sam (Sam and Max) art is epic (Christina Faith Winterburn)

F- A Doom review by Happyhead

S- BlindsideDork brings news of a new fad.

S- Kryptinite has a deal for you!

L- Johann meets his past self. Hamza would totally molest himself

L- masterledz has news of XBL voter registration; is it for their favorite racist/ethnic/sexual orientation slur?

R- Dale keeps a clean house. Burn it Dale; burn it with fire!

V- Michi honors Mega Man; I wish I could unsee it

V- Power-Glove also has a Mega Man tribute. Again, I wish I could unsee it

F- ...
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