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Question for the Californian D-toiders...


Since i will soon be gracing your amazing country with my presence once again with girlfriend in tow, and seeing that its my first time heading to the west coast (been to Florida and NYC twice) i had a few questions that im hoping you can assist me with:

I'll be looking to pick up a few games while in the US and was wondering would i have to preorder any of the titles to guarantee that i can purchase them seeing as it could be heading into a busy time releases-wise...
I only have a couple in mind: Rock Band 2 for the PS3 (Game only), Fallout 3: Collectors Edition (360) Dead Space (either) and mainly GH: World Tour (360). Bear in mind i am going off the assumption that the aforementioned 360 games could be region free. Im sure that GH: WT will be. It being the main one im hoping to bring back to Ireland with me. I can check updates online to see if there region locked but i just wanted to be covered going over as to avoid the disappointment of being in the US and not being able to get my greasy gamer mitts all over them!

The other question i was that since ill be in San Francisco for 4 days and LA for 2 is there anywhere thats worth going to to appeal to the gamer in me? My girlfriend and i have all the touristy things booked already so apart from that i just said id pitch it to you guys seeing as ye are living/based there 24/7.

I really appreciate any advice you have to offer and would love to meetup and maybe play with some of you guys while im there. Only 3wks now, cant friggin wait! Shame i missed you lot at PAX, but theres always next year! [img]
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