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Doom - A review of the film by Lord Happyhead

I am known for having an awful taste in films, so forgive me. This is a review taken from my blogspot, but I wanted to know what peoples views are on the film, so have put it here as well.

I wasn't keen on seeing the Doom film, but I saw it for sale cheap and so brought it. The game is based mostly on Doom 3 and takes place in similer locations, and features similer looking computers and stuff. The film could have gone either in a horror vein, or in a meat head action style. The film goes for the later.

The plot concerns a group of UAC special forces who teleport to a Mars research facility to see why contact has been lost with a research team there. They soon discover death and mayhem and high octane shooty shananigins.

The cast is quite cool. The best character is Richard Blake (he had a titchy part in Batman Begins) as Portman, who is a fantastic shady character, his eyes and teeth just seem to glow! Female lead is Rosamund pike (from Die Another Day), also Dexter Fletcher (of Gamesmaster fame!) has a secondary character part, and of course main character is The Rock.

Lots of the games weapons are used, including the chainsaw, and the amazing BFG (with it's proper name uttered by The Rock) For some reason the BFG shoots out a blue projectile rather than the games green, but never mind.

One annoying factor is the explanation for the demons. In the games the demons are literally that - Demons from Hell. In the film though there is quite a few religious references, the monsters are discovered to be a result of genetic tampering. Lots of zombies feature in the film, zombies are the best, so that made me happy.

Towards the end there is a 5 minute section literally shown in first person. Like the game you just see a gun running around corridoors shooting seven shades of hell out of numerous enemies while a imitation Doom song blares over it. This was a cool nod to the games the film was influenced by. This occurs again in the fantastic end credit sequence, this time with some great Nine Inch Nails as musical accompiment. The film is unashamably action oriantated, but a fun time.

Extras include a hilarious begineers guide to Doom 3, and a brief history of the Doom games.
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