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Just the tip: Sweet Deal for Nostalgia Purposes


I usually don't post about stuff you can spend your money on, but this was too good to not share with the class. Over at Woot.com, they are selling a Midway 12 Game Tabletop Classic Arcade System for the low price of $199! If you're lazy like me and don't want to build your own cabinet, this is a pretty sweet deal.

Here are the specs directly from the website:


* 14” full color CRT monitor with 12 Classic Arcade Hits built in
* Accessible AV jacks allow you to plug in and play any of your other home video game systems
* Dual Control Panel for Head-to-Head Play
* No assembly required, plug and play

Built in Classic Arcade Games:

* Defender
* Defender II
* Bubbles
* Splat
* Sinistar
* Rampage
* Satans Hollow
* Root Beer Tapper
* Timber
* Wizard of War
* Roborton
* Joust

In the box:

* Midway 42400 12 Game Tabletop Arcade System
* Users Guide

I'm trying to get Mr. Wilson to buy it so I can swing by his place and steal it. Here's hoping that it becomes a reality.
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