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The Greatest Mega Man Mash-up Poster You'll Ever See


I happened across this little gem way back in the beginning of summer at the Philadelphia Wizard World convention. There's a section of the convention floor reserved called "Artist's Alley" where people will try to hand out their cards and attempt to their peddle amateur comic books to you for a nominal fee, regardless of whether you look interested or not. If you manage to survive the onslaught with false sincerity and promises to "come back later," you'll be rewarded with the opportunity to browse and buy posters and prints from other artists.

This being primarily showcased for comic book related art, I was pretty surprised to see any gaming art, let a alone a piece with Mega Man and Earthworm Jim, that is if you don't count the smattering of Samus art work. When I spotted this poster, like a mosquito to a bug zapper, I wandered up to the table and started flipping through the guy's art book. Out of curiosity I asked him what made him decide to put Earthworm Jim and Mega Man together and he told me "because they were characters that should have been in Brawl." I laughed, paid my 10 dollars, and went on my merry way.

I think I've wasted enough time talking about this as MM9 beckons to be played. Now if only Earthworm Jim's revival goes as smoothly...
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