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Brian Crecente: Crybaby or Noble Journalist/Blogger?

This might be a little old, but I haven't seen much conversation on it.

Brian Crecente, the main blogsman of Kotaku.com, has recently been under fire from the gaming community for posting a very untrue rumor about the "Xbox Pure."

The source of the "Xbox Pure" rumor actually originated on the Cheap Ass Gamer forum, posted by a nobody user. However, CheapyD on the CAG Podcast had put together a contest to see if they could get their users to post a completely unfounded-on-any-facts rumor on the front page of any major blogging site, as part of a social experiment.

Crecente posted this rumor on the front page of Kotaku, and within minutes, the whole community posted comments on how Crecente missed the CAG contest and/or how he didn't check his sources; some harsher than others.

Crecente stated that he was very "disappointed" in Cheap Ass Gamer, and had added this statement to his original story:

"UPDATE: It appears that this rumor story could be CAG throwing their credibility out the window as part of a contest. Kotaku's decision to run rumors is always based on the credibility of the site and the information contained within it. In the past CAG has proven to be a reliable site, having broken a number of stories through apt reporting. It appears that may no longer be the case."


My opinion? This is what I posted on CAG:

Dude honestly, who gives a ****? Why is this such serious news?

Kotaku could of just said "oh we found out it was false through a CAG prank, sorry for the inconvenience" instead of Crecente crying and trying to blame everyone but himself, but instead he insisted on bickering with his own users about how disappointed he was with losing his time and stamps his feet at CAG.

I am pretty sure there are tons of other rumors that never get this sort of attention. Lesson be learned: LIST YOUR DAMN SOURCES AND GIVE YOUR READERS A RELIABILITY RATING ON THE SOURCE.

****, this is retarded.

What's your take on all this?

Here are my sources:
Kotaku Rumor post and Crecente's comments - http://kotaku.com/5052203/what-is-the-xbox-pure
CheapyD's post - http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/blog.php?b=3292

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