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Feel the Hatred: Spoilt Teenagers (VGR)


Now to start off, I'm certainly not in a bad position when buying games. I still receive pocket money from my grandparents (although not for much longer) and i do chores for £3 every week, so with a couple of weeks saved money, i can buy a new game. But then while you may think I'm lucky, it's nothing to amount of spoilt peers that i learn around. They are obviously masters of persuasion, because all they have to do is click their fingers and they'll have the latest "good" title. (airquotes since these people are w**king over Spore and Mercenaries 2) It's not just games either, they'll get basically anything on a plate. For example, i saved the pocket money i receive each week for when i wanted an Xbox 360, and after 3 months, i got it. Now on the other hand, these people could have done no good deeds whatsoever or done anything to work towards their goal but they will get their Xbox 360 regardless, with only the parents wallets being burnt. Now of course spoilt people are nothing new but i feel the hatred inside me when it seems i am in the minority when it comes to actually buying my own games and consoles. I mean, these people are either 15 or 16 and they're still being spoilt by children? Why the hell do parents just let their children run their wallet dry? I know it's nice to get your child a little treat every now and again, but all the time? Come on, grow some balls already.

Of course, i suppose it comes down to the way you're brought up. Luckily, both my parents didn't grow up in the best fortune so i was brought up to not expect everything on a plate for myself. Where as it seems the parents of these spoilt peers are senseless and just want to shut their children up. Now they could be better of so they can afford to but that's not going to make Billy have a very good attitude when he grows up is it? Maybe it wouldn't annoy me so much if it wasn't shoved in my face. Case in Example,

Person: "Hey Gibbo you getting Mercs 2?"
Me: "No."
Person: "So have you got COD4 yet?"
Me: "No, i can't afford it right now."
Person: "No point anyway, COD5 comes out soon, it looks well sick"
Me: "I won't be getting it, i'm not that arsed about missing it and there's enough games coming out around then anyway."
Person: "What? you n00b." (yes people have actually started calling each other n00bs in the real word, run for cover)

One thing that keeps me going is that one day, Billy won't be able to just reach into mummy and daddy's wallets and he'll actually have to work his ass of to get what he wants.
There isn't much more to rant about, but this is one thing that really grinds my gears. I know some Dtoiders are parents, so please, don't spoil your child too much.
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