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C-blog Recaps of 09/19/08 + Nintendollisms

It's a bit late tonight but I've been busy. I know there weren't recaps yesterday and had I checked my email a little earlier, I probably would have been able to recap yesterday's as well. So, if anyone has a favorite blog from yesterday please feel free to post it here in the comments. Make sure to pop in and say hi to the new members, we have four of 'em today!

Also, late birthday shout out to dyslexic! No one made a birthday post for him, though he said he was out getting drunk anyways. Here's to you and your fancy cowboy hat.

*- Super cereal sony secret documents from hellokitty.com
*- Did Gordon Freeman Ever Wear A Helmet?
*- A well thought out piece about the psychology behind why we might game

S- UK Bargains of Sept. 19th
S- Aborto's 10 Things I Learned This Week
M- Feel the Hatred: Losing Control (Crysis spoilers?)

No contests ;_;

E- Cutie Honey's PAX Photos Part 3: Cosplay AKA Macca is scary, King tries to look up my skirt
E- Resurrecting ShiMuNi, leave some feedback
F- Euro FNF: Burnout Bikes Edition
F- Y0j1mb0's PS3 Friday Night Fights
F- Friday Night Fights 360: Rock Band 2
F- AMMO FNF tonight at 11PM EST
F- Euro FNF is Pirate flavored?
S- Cwal37 shares his harrowing tale of struggling to get the powerbomb upgrade in Super Metroid
C- Geoff need some law advice for invasion of privacy, help and silly comments ensue
I- IronPikeman introduces himself, and can sell a cock to a lesbian
I- New girl on the block grunkchk1n says aloha
I- Needs a better intro blog, but I'm waiting for the stupid customer stories
I- DreRox joins the site, probably in love with Ashly Burch
B- Happy late birthday, Aborto! Remember, it isn't 'too late' until the baby is born

N- EA is still failing, AU and NZ copies of WAR doesn't even install
N- European VC games
NPopcap's Peggle coming to Xbox 360
N- GTA: Chinatown screens
N- Some copy-pasta news about Mega Man 9 US release date (spoiler: one of the dates is Sept 22)
N- Vanillaware is making some sort of adorable game that has girls with animal ears
V- Gears of War 2 Competitive Multiplayer
V- Red Alert 3 Remix video sounds kind of kinky
R- Alleycat (PC) is a fun retro game
R- Red Star: A game based on a comic that doesn't suck
T- What is an RPG? Also, poor introduction is poor
T- Preview of Dragon Age: Origins, too bad BBC code is broken :(
T- Like Rhythm games? Colette recomends Technictix

A- Some webcomics are longer than Longcat
A- Sirinth's sprite cross-stiching is cool but she needs some more ideas
M- Hip-hop music conversation that should probably be in forums instead
M- MC Frontalot's new album is available now
F- The new Knight Rider is full of fail, nostalgia-induced anger ensues
F- Cowzilla3 Review: Ghost Town
S- Amazon Deals for today, probably over by now
S- Retro game haul and other assorted awesome stuff

L- Jim Sterling to make an adult film
L- Ron Workman's Big Rock Band Announcement: Nick rhymes with dick
R- Nick Chester is never gonna give us up, never gonna let us down
V- Japanese monkey uses ATM?
V- I have no fucking clue what's going on in this video or the comments

F- XboxPure Rumor (Fake)
F- Randombullseye loves Megaman 2 but I don't really care
F- One word is not a blog
F- Nor is two sentences
F- Learn the difference between BBC and HTML plz, The Bez appropriately facepalms
F- this video is both short and boring

See you next Friday :)
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