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H.G. Qrazes The Time Machine

For a bit now since installing linux on my my ps3 and my internet being turned off i"ve been in a state of reclusion.

I've just been playing old games and gameboy shit i missed out on when i was younger. I've now beat chrono trigger and ff6 (which was a absolute joy minus the amount of random battles), castlevania dracula x,super contra and some other games but the one i want to talk about now is evo: the search for eden.

E.V.O. The search for eden; what a wonderful game although a bit short but has some real underlining meanings to it, at first this "Gaia" chick (God) tells you you need to grow and learn and then become eligible for enter into "eden (heaven) so you start the game. You start as fish and you evolve (Darwin) into many different creatures once you get enough points by eating other lifeforms then if you want can save a record of that creature to use whenever else. After you complete a zone Gaia comes and gets you to start in a new time period (buddhism) and you go through those phases until you reach eden (heaven) but it's an rpg that openly interacts with a God and teaches evolution and afterlife concepts. I'm no atheist and don't preach my beliefs on others but believe in total freedom of one's self from others and this might offend a few people where i stay if they could could connect the dots but this game came before the internet and quickly offended jacknuts from all groups had a voice so it went under the radar back in the snes days. I think it's a work of art and teaching and a must play.

I also picked up star ocean till the end of time for $12 bucks but that's a whole other story that needs to told in length at another time.

I'm at my gf"s house right now so i can't post any good pictures of these games but rest assured my network will be back on within the month or whenever LBP comes out and i create somethings only i can think of doing (girls jumping on trampolenes).

So until Mr.Sadistic comments me three times in three blogs with #1_in_the_hood_G!! I will be lurking in the shadows, watching, learning, setting my eyes on you with a choosing the moment of perfection to strike my fiery hammer upon you when your pride is at a high.

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About Qrazeone of us since 6:23 PM on 01.12.2008

my favorite games are and in this order until after gta.
the Metal Gear series as a whole.
the final fantasy series as a whole.
the gta series as a whole.
the first resident evil.
the first suffering.
the castlevania series as a whole.
some super mario world of course.
a few zelda titles.
the aqua teen hunger force as a whole.
the soon to be announced rob zombie game (my breath is held).
contra 1,2 and super.
streets of rage.
soulcaliber series as a whole (soul blade included).
some game by the name of chronic the hemphog.
burning the trees.
barak obama: the anti-chr...
the devil my cry series as a just the first two.
chrono trigger and cross.
kotor 1 and 2.
gran turismo.
ssx tricky (its tricky,tricky!).
sim earth.
sim ant.
lake and ocean odell.
evo:the search for eden.
star ocean snes.
front mission as a series.
r.a.d.(robot alchemic drive).
frequency (due to the fact i was into eating beans a few years ago and you could easily create awesome blow-up beats and fuck like a rabbit with a horse cock).
that one where you did that thing that was cool and shit.
mario kart64.
and oh so many i can't remember but they were good games i think.

greatest video game/related movies:
silent hill (just for mirroring the source material so well)
brainscan (way ahead of its time)
and i think thats about it for the movies.

music: i love all kinds of musak but my favorite is hardcore and hip-hop. but i also listen to reggae, bluegrass, punk, old rock and roll, jazz, blues, fucking everything we as humans can perform well. My favorite band is AC/DC (Bon Scott era). And Tupac Shakur (The best fucking ever) and A Tribe Called Quest (smooth shit, like real smooth).

my greatest inspiration: Nicola Tesla.
i slowly turn the heat up in the shower until it doesn't go no more.
fire it up.

message me to play whatever psn id: Qraze
Xbox LIVE:no box for me
Mii code:i pii on the wii


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