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Uwe Boll is too good for video game movies; makes video game. (Trailer)

Source: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/40152.html

In case you've been living in a rock for most of your life, Uwe Boll is a German director who is known for all the wrong reasons. He's infamous for making video game movies... bad. The stereotype of video game movies always end up bad existed before him, but as he surfaced, he gave a new low for all directors to compete against.

Now, it seems Uwe Boll created enough movies to know how a video game operates, thus this electronic abortion: 1968 Tunnel Rats.

The trailer above depicts some misshaped hands going through a generic underground tunnel and Vietnam-esque jungles, warning viewers, "They prepared you to fight in tunnels, and in jungles, but there are some things that nobody prepared you for."

You're right, because how can we prepare ourselves for the game made by the director who managed to make a living... without selling any tickets?

EDIT: Someone just made a post right below this AND TO THINK MY FIRST ACTUAL BLOG POST WOULD BE GOOD.
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