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Force Unleashed is a microcosm of the gaming world


So I played my way through the demo of Forced Unleashed and came away relatively disappointed in the whole thing. Then I read the reviews of the full game which basically confirmed my thoughts on the demo and decided not to get it. Then I remembered that the game was launched for the Wii under a different developer. Maybe it didn't let people down as much. I jump around and read some reviews and they all say that the controls are tight and well done but there's a lack of polish to the game since it seems a bit rushed.

Wait, isn't that the exact opposite of the reviews for the 360 and PS3 versions? Everything I've seen says that the 360/PS3 versions are insanely polished and well put together down to the finest detail and compliment the Star Wars universe really well. Even Dyson said this. But on the flip side the Force controls are wonky and the bad guys aren't fun to fight against. Now I look at the Wii version and I've got well mapped motion controls, fun action gaming and some actually interesting game mechanics that work well but I have to put up with under developed AI and glitches because the team didn't put enough effort into it? So really if I want to the experience that I expected out of the game I have to buy both versions and play the Wii version while some how experiencing the polish of the 360/PS3 version? Screw you LucasArts.

But it isn't just LucasArts, is it? It's the entire industry. If they got the power they don't think the gameplay matters that much and if they have good controls and unique gameplay then the quality can be damned. Where does this thinking come from and why should we accept either version of this game with such blatant flaws when both versions show that it is possible for the other version's flaws to be fixed? Why was the Wii edition rushed out the door when they knew it was working well? Why was the technology clearly more important than the gameplay in the 360/PS3 version. It's symptomatic of how all three systems are approached, with a focus on one aspect or quality of the system and not the entire picture.

Really it's just fucking annoying and I won't be buying either version of the game.
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