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Cblog Recap 09/15/08

Hey everyone. Kinda quiet tonight. No casualisms for tonight; just read my first pick, then MrSadistic's comment and you're good to go!

*-Oh sh*t... read this article, then read the first comment. MrSadistic, that was pure win.

*-Cutie Honey is organizing the 360 Rock Band 2 Players. A really great idea!

*-STUVNING is painting an awesome Samus mural on his wall. Keep us updated!

*-Probably the best birthday gift -D- has ever gotten! Happy birthday -D-!

*-Guagloves wants you to save monies on the RB2 drum set.

A-Harukai wonders if too much freedom is a bad thing.

S-SurplusGamer continues his Great Random Battle Experiment with... CoD4?!?

M-OMG Faith! She feels the hatred for gaming-related motion sickness.

C-cannedpasta's site is giving away Mega Man 2

W-Qalamari has a winrar for his Fallout 3 puppet contest. The suspense nearly killed me!

F-AgentMOO's AMMO Special Edition MOOnday.

C-NihonTiger wants to know whatcha got.

I- Welcome funran! Have fun!

N-Macca brings news of the WoW:Wrath of the Lich King Release (11/13/08)

N-SantanaClaus brings news of Wipeout HD'd release date: 09/25/09

N-Gwyddia points out some new Gears of War 2 footage. It's kinda gross.

N-PSN cards in Blockbuster. Also, spelchek

V-It kinda looks like an energy sword (BigBaby9199)

V-Citizens of GTA: Pigeons (Workmeng)

V-Live 09 video (BigBaby9199)

V-I think Soulja Boy misses the point...(Arktos)

R-CrimsonKingX shares his review of Star Wars:The Force Unleashed (PS2)

R-CrimsonKingX shares his review of Lost Odyssey

T-vladimirthedude and his first playthrough of a Phantasy Star game.

T-milescosmo brings a new perspective on used game purchases and foreign game pricing.

T-Marcus and his first impressions of Brothers in Arms:Hell's Highway

T-Skribble likes to look at Left4Dead zombies. And sharks

T-Perry Simm shares his impressions of Dragon Quest IV DS. Good Stuff.

T-mikeyed shares his homework with us. And cites his sources.

T-Askherserenity shares thoughts of the new Pokemon DS. Good first post!

T-Jim has another game idea. This man is going places...

T-CrimsonKingX shares his thoughts on the have it now nature of achievements and trophies.

T-Kids and PS3s don't mix, I guess (FeelinFroggie13)

A-Also, croissants.

R-michi hates weaboos. Vids inside WILL make you cringe.

C-Not enough content DarkViper

C-CrimsonKingX, I'm gonna cut you some slack 'cause you're new. Read through the comments, and you'll understand, ok?

?- Related to the post above.

No fail for tonight. It has been quiet, hasn't it?

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