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Some Left4Dead Faces + a Shark

When I look at Left 4 Dead, it's usually in the form of a video on GameTrailers, Youtube or in my media player of choice, as a matter of fact, most game info I look up is all video and I almost never bother to look at screenshots unless I'm really infatuated with a game.

Enter Left 4 Dead.

I decided to take a closer look at the game I plan to get day one and slow the terror down to a pace that I could hold and appreciate for a moment. This resulted in me seeing the grotesquely awesome faces imparted to the zombies in this game. So I decided just to throw a few together and show off some of the cool zombified faces frozen in time.

Also, a shark

Well I'm finally tired, so I might as well get that 4 hours of sleep before work.
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