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Happy Dramatic Reading Birthday -D-!

Today marks the birthday of one of Destructoid's very own special members, -D-.

For his birthday I decided I would do a dramatic reading from a mission statement of sorts about Destructoid. I think we all need a reminder of why we are here sometimes so in honor of -D-'s birthday I present to you, faithful reader:

"What is Destructoid: Destructoid is a place where people come, for videogame news, and a videogame community, without the censors. You won't find anything bleeped, asterisk, or anything taken out here. You won't find reviewers who are afraid to piss people off, and you won't find reviews and reviewers that are paid off.

What you will find though, is a place that has a very vast, personal community. A fast amount of various personalities, talents, and gifts. A place that has it's own styles, catch phrases, and culture. The community blogging I would go so far as to say, is revolutionary. It is something that surpasses even most strictly blog sites. Because when you make a blog here: People WILL see, and they will respond. It's not like other blogging sites, where you make a blog, and it gets lost into infinity.

Of course, like any place it was it's quirks, but nothing more then one or two token ass holes and occasional site glitches which every site has.

My story:Yes, for a while I left Destructoid. I needed a brake from certain people on the site, and rather then flaming I decided to just cut my self off. I'm not really sure if I expected anyone to notice or care that I was gone. I NEVER expected some of the people who tried to get me to come back to get me to come back. One of the very first being Ron Workman him self. And after his e-mail's I thought about coming back a lot and watched the video he linked me to. But the fact that he e-mailed me was so unbelievable to me I wasn't really sure what to think of it xD.

I got messages from Unstoppable Juggernaut and Coonskin. Somehow I think I confused the shit out of the responses to both though. My bad. And finally I get a voice a message from CTZ, which by that time I couldn't listen to because my 360 red ringed so he had to write it back in text xD. Telling me that Butmac made A blog asking where I was. Naturally this surprised the crap out of me. Especially some of the responses which were sort of mixed.

But after all this, and seeing all these people who actually wanted me to come back, and trying to get me to come back just proves even more, that once you become a regular on Destructed. Your there for life or it will hunt you down like some stalker ex-girlfriend lol. (That was totally humor by the way and was not meant to be harmful in anyway.)"

Here's the direct link - if you click 'more info' on the right side panel you can also follow along.
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