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Attention Aussie Dtoiders, Make the Choice: Rock Band or GH World Tour??


Like a lot of people who are fans of Guitar Hero, the second I heard about Rock Band I started looking forward to it more than any other game on the release schedule, and just like a lot of Australian gamers, I've been getting more and more pissed at the constant delays and complete lack of any information regarding the games long overdue release in my country. I've always been locked into the idea of getting Rock Band, there's never been any doubt in my mind about it, its just been a matter of "when its released, i'll buy it", but now things are changing. Now I find myself considering the possibility of Guitar Hero World Tour, and it's fucking annoying me.

The annoying thing is that if you were to ask me which game I felt was superior between Rock Band or Guitar Hero WT, I'd say Rock Band. I just feel that Harmonix are more committed to producing quality games by providing actual support for their titles, and I feel that the main reason they are so committed is because they try to make the game the best experience possible for those who own it, while Activision seem more inclined to just pump out whatever they can just so they can make as much money from it as possible.

Ofcourse, the problem is that Guitar Hero World Tour actually has an Australian release date in December, while Rock Band still only has a massive question mark. I really want to hold out for the better game, but whats the point of holding out when it might not ever come! GH looks like it'll provide the same experience, and although it might not be as good an experience as Rock Band, I'm sure it's better than nothing.

A good analogy for the situation is that its like being torn between two beautiful women and having to make a choice. Do you:
A: Give up on waiting and go for the busty, hot and available chick who would be great fun to be with initially, but she does seem pretty superficial and you suspect that she could probably drive you crazy after a few months,
B: Hold out for the amazing girl with who you've had so many good times with in the past, and you know that she'll provide a meaningful and much more fulfilling relationship than anyone else, but right now she just keeps toying with you by not giving you a straight answer, where you can't get a fucking yes or no so there's every possibility that all of this holding out could lead to nothing and then you're left standing there with your dick in your hand wondering why you wasted all of your time.

So, like most guys in this kind of position, I've got no idea on what to do. Do I go for the instant gratification with the possibility of being let down, or do I hold out for the better option and risk the chance of waiting for nothing?

Oh, and EA, Fuck you.
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