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Mushroom Men

In life, I try to be a level headed, rational human being. Rarely will I jump ahead of myself, and get excited about something I haven't tried, which goes double for the video gaming world.

In recent months I've followed a few titles, not yet released, that had me excited beyond my usual reasoning. I've already mentioned Spider-man: Web of Shadows, and there are many more in the direct spotlight – but, one I haven't seen advertised much, relatively ignored, and out of Nintendo's shallow pool of available titles; Mushroom Men.

Mushroom Men, from my general impressions, seems like an amazing platforming game. The art, and suggested humor of everything reminds me vividly of Oddworld. The Oddworld series is among my favorites, brilliant in story, art, and game design. I would like to see other things like this, and it looks like Mushroom Men may fit the bill.

Mushroom Men is a story that takes place in the microscopic world of mushrooms, where the mushrooms and other small creatures were effected by space dust; Basically, I see a lot of silly brilliant humor and (hopefully) hours of fun on the horizon.

Don't believe me, watch the trailer. Even the theme music suggests it's brilliantly silly.

I'm excited for the Wii picking up a few longer titles – party games are great, but only satisfy for a brief time. Another suggested Wii title has been “De Blob” which does look awesome, so maybe my Wii will get some exercise after this Holiday season.
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