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OMG! Where is the Rock Band 2 review?

Rock Band 2 is on shelves today, at least for Xbox 360 gamers. As a few of you might know, I've been playing it in both preview and retail form for about a month. So where's the review? The embargo for the review was up today, on the day of the game's release. I could have posted it at midnight, giving everyone ample time to use it as a guide to their purchasing decision. But a few problems: in the preview build, I wasn't supposed to partake in any of the Battle of the Band challenges (although I accidentally trampled a score from a live X-Play taping). Also, there was no real way for me to try out the game's World Tour mode online. While some people (GameStop managers, press, lucky people) have had the game for a good part of last week, finding someone to play online with was next to impossible. So while I've spent a great deal of time playing the core of the game -- and I have a pretty good understanding of it's strengths and flaws -- I don't feel posting the review not having truly experienced certain modes would be fair. So: Rock Band 2 review tomorrow. There will also be a second article about the new instruments, and whether or not I think they're worth your cash if you already have the Rock Band 1 peripherals. Also: gamertag = nicksthings -- Battle of the Bands is on, bitches.
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