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8-bit remixes steal my heart.

Every now and then at work, or in the library, I feel like I need something that can't be found on my ipod to satisfy my musical hunger.

As I've stated before I've sort of become reacquainted with Retro gaming (thanks RFGO!!!) and something that I hold dear to me is the sweet sounds of insignificant and limited hardware... Weird? Well there is a whole culture surrounding chip tunes and what not (as you probably know) and I find it fascinating!

I'm not involved in this scene at all, but I'll listen because I like it! Does that make a poser? Oh well. Keep giving me music, I'm a consumer.

So I've come across some really awesome stuff on youTube;

Oasis' 'Wonderwall'

AVGN Theme(There are many variations of this, wasn't able to find my favourite.)

Chocolate Rain (A classic remix even if the original meme annoys the hell out of you)

Rihanna's "Umbrella" (Ya, I know but it sounds so awesome in 8bit!)
I'm not going to post every video but you should get the idea. There are a ton out there too, take a look! Maybe I'll start a thread in the forum about this so we can all share what we find (I've only looked on youtube...)

Similarly I've been equally impressed/obsessed with Mario Paint covers. Seriously...Listen.

Roxbury fans?

Some use a PC program called "Mario Paint Composer" which is much more robust than the SNES game, sort of cheating- still sounds incredible. There are a lot of these so good luck and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please note that the songs listed within this post are in no way a reflection on the type of music that Anthony Perri or any of his affiliates enjoy in their spare time. The purpose of this post is to illustrate the various talents of the Internet and bringing some other wise intolerable music into a vat of nostalgia that makes them otherwise entertaining. The purpose of this disclaimer was to enlighten the unenlightened and to make clear the insecurities of the author's musical preferences. sigh.
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