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Feel the Hatred: SVC Chaos

Just thinking about this game gets me into a rage. The first versus game I ever played was Capcom vs SNK 2 and I feel in love with it. It got me interested in the SNK fighting games. So I went to my local Gamestop and picked up SVC Chaos right when I saw it, I thought I was getting a deal with a $9.99 price tag. Oh boy was I wrong, oh so wrong.

I turned it on and was in utter disappointment. The character selection was so limited, nothing like the roster in CvsS 2. They put in Zero from Mega Man but no Sakura, put in the alien from Metal Slug but no Rock Howard, what the hell is that. Another thing that was stupid was that the extra character didn't have slots, you had to press the right trigger on cetain character to acess them, they could have added a another row of characters.

So I decide to try the the arcade and see how that faired, it didn't help that at all. There is no running but only this dash thing that you can only do one tap at a time, what the hell is that all about. Other thing that got me angry was the diffculty, I set it to normal mode like I always do and it was freaking hard to even do the first arcade battle. Most of the time the other character would block fucking everything, I noticed that Guile and Chun Li did this the most, and they pulled off the Maxium Desperation Moves at the last second, that is just way to fucking cheap. Then I unlocked this guy and he makes my hate for this game even stronger.

The wind master Goenitz, by far the most cheapest character I have every encountered in a fighting game. One reason is he has main attack but it gets worse, depending on what button you press the farther the wind funnel goes. He does these moves over an over again and you can't dodge them at all. Even touching a milimeter of the damn thing and you still get damage on you. In survival mode this doesn't help at all if you meet up with him.

Just writing about this game makes me extremely angry. The A.I is horrible, the diffcultly level is beyond annoying, and it seems they took more time to work on the before battle dialouge instead of the actually game itself. I have no idea what they were thinking we then made this game but it's so frustrating. Capcom vs SNK 2 was such a amazing game and then they follow up with this piece of crap. So right now it's collecting dust on my shelf, I haven't played it in months and there is no point it selling it back because no one will play it.
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