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New Sonic Unleashed Video doesn't look bad.

First thing to notice. THE MUSIC ISN'T GENERIC ROCK!!! REJOICE!

Once again, Sega has blessed us with a new sonic unleashed trailer. Once again, its roughly
half of the normal Sonic gameplay, half were-Sonic gameplay. I'll give my impressions of
each part seperately.

Oh, and before I forget, the trailer(via IGN):

The "speed" section:

They look really fast. They still seem kinda linear, but a small glimpse of platforming is
seen in a section with large rotating "wheels". I also noticed that there were next to no
quick time events shown(only one "launcher" thingie that required the X button to get out
of). For the most part, it seems to be shaping up as expected.

The were-Sonic section:

After a nice transition, the were-Sonic section is shown. Lots of combat is shown. A really
large enemy that doesn't look like a boss is there, and Sonic is shown flipping all around
him and strike from the air. Also, a lot of "grab" move are shown, as well as some more
mid-air attacks and ground combos. So, it looks like there may be some
greater depth to the combat system than I think a lot of people gave it credit for earlier.
Also, the inclusion of the large enemy that Sonic grapples onto may indicate that the
acrobatic platforming in that mode may extend so far as to use enemies in it in a way more
that "lock on and homing attack".

So, am I the only one at this point that is looking forward to Sonic Unleashed? I think it
looks like it will turn out well, even if it doesn't top some of Sonics early games.
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