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Good Old Games - Awesome And Easy

For those of you who signed up to the Good Old Games (GOG.com) Beta check your e-mails as the fun has begun! I checked before typing this and I could not find anything on GOG about discussing the beta as I did with Resistance 2 so hopefully I'm not breaking any rules......

The aspect of this site is to be able to purchase those older hard to find games at VERY reasonable prices and I must say, it is about time someone offered this! All the games offered on the site will cost either $5.99 or $9.99 with no added costs and this includes taxes.

"All the prices shown on our page are inclusive of value added tax (VAT) and sales tax. So it's always $5.99 or $9.99 per game, no additional costs!"

So there shouldn't be any reasons why you won't buy a game from GOG.com as pirating can no longer be an excuse when these games are made so easily accessible and at a nice price point.

Buying: Only Credit cards can be used as they are looking into other funding options
I purchased Fallout with my credit card (97% done) and the processing time took about 6 seconds. Once you have payed for a game it appears in a list in your account under "My Games" so you can keep track of what games you have and quickly launch into discussion boards about them to chat or to get help.

As well as downloading the game its self you get access to other various things with the game. You can download: Avatars, mp3 soundtracks, COLOR .pdf instructions booklets, hi-res wallpapers and a reference card for quick access to the games controls. This all becomes accessible and free when you pay for the game! I would assume that not all games come with the same extra downloads though.

The games come in a .exe file so there is no need to download any new programs and you can keep the file on your computer for multiple downloads and if you delete it you can re-download it from GOG.com with no limits (DRM free!) You just can't share your account (don't be a looser now)

This site is going to make a lot of people very happy as it allows users to now have access to many of their favorite games and it's so easy to do!
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