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Greatest song about videogames ever made

Thesaurus Rex - Pyramid of Sand

This song has been a lifter for me for ages, from the first time I heard it on the 4cr podcast way back in 2006, and today with the autum sun shining, it was the perfect song to start the day with. I hope the guys are ok with me hosting the song since the offical site has been down for years, it would be sad if it would be forgotten so fast.

As trivia bit - it was a huge influence on our band when we wrote our album. During an extremely frustrating period when we had almost all of the material together, we had one song that we couldn't figure out what to do with. We tried at least 4 different vocal melodies and lyrics but nothing really clicked. After a weekend of nonfruitful experimenting I played the Thesaurus song to the other guys - that's when we all realized we should make our song about games, being we all game a lot, and it fit the context of the album. So the song became Five Frag Combo.

Are there any other awesome songs about games I should know about? I remember a nineties hiphop song that was about PSX and Genesis games (Hertzog Zwei, even), The Streets has a lot of game references on the first album and of course all the nerdcore groups, but anything else?
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